Aerial Photog Arrested

Aerial Photog Arrested

A well know National Geographic photographer has been arrested and charged with taking aerial photographs for a story in Finney County, KS.  George Steinmetz was flying a motorized paraglider.  While not a UAV the statute that seems to have been used would also apply to UAV’s.  The violation appears to hinge on where Steinmetz and his assistant may have launched their aircraft and where the assistant had parked their support SUV.

While this may not be a direct issue for UAV’s, if the UAV operator pulled off to the side of the road, did a flight, the same issue might arise since the Kansas statute has as part of its structure that the person charged was on the property without permission.

Other states also have what is often called ‘Ag Gag’ laws.  These were generally started by the Ag companies, farmers and Farm Bureau’s in response to a series of undercover videos showing alleged cruel treatment of animals.

So if you find that you are flying over farmland we would suggest that you check the state laws in your locale to make sure there aren’t similar laws that might affect you.


For more information see the article at Photo District News or Google Kansas Aerial Photographer Arrest.

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